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domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011

Karma? - Part 3 - Extra tips

Summarizing: two days ago I gave the change to a woman who was confused about the price, I could have keep that almost eight pounds for me, but I didn't. Back home I found a bag that I like for me with nothing valuable inside.

In other order of things...
yesterday I had a quite busy day at work, but nobody was leaving tips. At the end I counted the money and surprisingly there were more money than it should, maybe by mistake me or the other waiter gave the change wrongly, but nobody knows it... so that extra money increased my tips yesterday.

Was karma giving me back the favour of the woman and the forgotten change with the bag and the money? Who knows... maybe I will find the owner of the bag and today, back to work, somebody will reclaim that money. In that case I'm going to stop beleiving in Karma, but for the moment, although momentarily, I beleive in it.

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