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domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011

Karma? - Part 2 - The vintage bag

ok... where were we?Yes, I left the hotel and I was in my way back home...
I walked down Queensway street, I passed all the restaurants and the Bechcomber, a nightclub which is always opened at that time (maybe one day I will write something about this place and my experience with the drums, the mixer and the old guy). I turned left when I arrived to Whiteleys and after one block of houses and a park I turned right towards my "home".

When I arrived there I found something on the stairs that there are just before the front door. On the second step there were a
 brown leather bag. It was half opened so I could see that inside there was an article of clothing. The bag looked like it was pretty dirty so I picked it up with only two fingers with the intention of inspecting it later in a more illuminated place.

Down the stairs I thought about the origin of the bag, why was it there? It was Friday night, so maybe somebody who lives in my same building was drunk, sat down there for a while and when he or she left he forgot the bag. I also thought that it could have been in the bin that is in front of my house, somebody picked it up, inspected it like me and when he or she lost all kind of interest in it, he or she threw it again, this time on the stairs.

Once in my room I saw its content and the real state of conservation. The strap was quite dirty, so it would need to be cleaned before using the bag, as well as the interior. Inside there was a horrible jacket, probably for a woman  (or one of those fashion guys with plastic glasses, as we say in spanish... un gafapasta). The bag could be either for a girl or for a guy.

While I was inspecting the interior I found: a one-time-use  camera with 5 photos left in the film, the horrendous jacket, one apple and a muffin (these two items make me think that somebody has been using the bag recently, because they were inside both plastic bags and none of them were expired), twenty pence, a brochure from a beauty centre in queensway, another brochure from a tattoo and piercing centre, three tickets for a free glass of white wine in a bar near Liverpool street, another one for a fruit bowl somewhere, one ticket with a name written in it, a list of names and their position in management (no company name, only this title "who is who in Management??) and finally, the most conclusive evidence, a payroll with a name, national insurance number, etc.... Then I continued with my musings: maybe a thief robbed the bag and threw it there.

Today my questions are... who is Max ______? He works in Holborn. Who the hell is still using a one-time-use camera? Did somebody steal his bag? Where is he now? Should I try to give him the bag? How could I contact him?

The truth is that I'm thinking about keep the bag for me, because I saw this kind of bag in Camdem Town and I wanted one of them. Maybe he wants his horrible jacket, but if I give him the jacket, I can't keep the bag. Again... good and evil?

For the moment I'm tempted to reveal the photos from the camera.

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