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sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

Karma? - Part 1

I have heard, in several ocassions, that story about karma and the responsibility on our own acts and how life will bring us what we have done before: if you go through the world doing bad you will take the same in response.

Working in the bar (as usual), a young woman, maybe in her therties, ordered a gin tonic. I took a bottle of tonic water from the fridge, filled a highball glass with 4 ice cubes and 25 ml. of Beefeater Gin and poured half of the bottle inside the glass. According to the computer, the total amount was four pounds and something else. She asked how much it was and I said to her. Instantly she took a ten pound note and two one pound coins. Then I went to the till while I was thinking that maybe she wanted to change the coins. When I turned back, I saw her
going towards one couch with her drink and a girl with whom she had just stablished a ephemeral friendship talking about Maddona's new film and how wonderful she is directing it, performing in it and maybe composing the soundtrack.

Perhaps I didn't expressed myself well, but the fact is that she thought that the drink cost eleven pounds and some pence. I was quite busy making 4 cocktails, so I kept the change leaving it next to the till in order to give it to her later, before she left the bar.

As I'm human I faced a moral dilemma. On one hand I could keep silence, say nothing and take the money as tips (more than seven pounds for one gin tonic); on the other hand I started to feel that I was doing something incorrect and morally reprobable. So, as always, my moral convictions won the battle between good and evil and before going home I gave her her money.

At that moment I felt kind of silly, because comparing with some people, any other had taken the money, but I couldn't do it, but... anyway... I think I did right and in what concerns that issue I can say that I feel in peace.

Once I have finished my work I started my way back home... (what happened then?.. see next chapter by clicking HERE).

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