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domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011

Karma? - Part 3 - Extra tips

Summarizing: two days ago I gave the change to a woman who was confused about the price, I could have keep that almost eight pounds for me, but I didn't. Back home I found a bag that I like for me with nothing valuable inside.

In other order of things...

Karma? - Part 2 - The vintage bag

ok... where were we?Yes, I left the hotel and I was in my way back home...
I walked down Queensway street, I passed all the restaurants and the Bechcomber, a nightclub which is always opened at that time (maybe one day I will write something about this place and my experience with the drums, the mixer and the old guy). I turned left when I arrived to Whiteleys and after one block of houses and a park I turned right towards my "home".

When I arrived there I found something on the stairs that there are just before the front door. On the second step there were a

A good TV ad

I like it. Thanks to Astrid

sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

Karma? - Part 1

I have heard, in several ocassions, that story about karma and the responsibility on our own acts and how life will bring us what we have done before: if you go through the world doing bad you will take the same in response.

Working in the bar (as usual), a young woman, maybe in her therties, ordered a gin tonic. I took a bottle of tonic water from the fridge, filled a highball glass with 4 ice cubes and 25 ml. of Beefeater Gin and poured half of the bottle inside the glass. According to the computer, the total amount was four pounds and something else. She asked how much it was and I said to her. Instantly she took a ten pound note and two one pound coins. Then I went to the till while I was thinking that maybe she wanted to change the coins. When I turned back, I saw her