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sábado, 9 de julio de 2011

Finally I found it

In my difficult search of a good and not very expensive english academy, I have finally found it. It has all I need, because it has general english classes, but also exam preparation classes in order to prepare an official exam, like the Cambridge CAE. This part is important, because not all the academies in London have this option; in addition, they also make TOEIC exams.

It's located in Holborn, which allows me to get there by using only
the ever crowded central line, and from my house I only spend 25 minutes, which is something to take into account because I don't have many time in my busy life in London. As I logically expected and wanted, the lessons are focused on tactics to make the CAE exam with exercises, writting, speaking, advanced vocabulary, etc.

Although I've been there during a month, I have to say that I haven't been happy at all until this week when we have changed our teacher, our class and our book. During June I was in a class with an awful teacher. He was lazy and the classes were an authentic lost of time because he was always reading the answers from the teacher's book and not teaching at all (to do that, I could buy the teacher's book and save a non despicable amount of money). However, i improved my listening because he was always speaking, about things that he had saw, his life, his house, his experiences,... ultimately, about himself. The reason... he is a frustrated actor.

Since this blog is intended also to help you, here you have the webpage if you are interested:

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