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jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Funny things

Some days ago I went to a gym near my new house in order to become a member and continue with my training program after two weeks of rest.

Well... I started to go to my new gym two days ago. In London there aren't gyms, here you only find leisures centres, which are more than a simple gym. All of them have swimming pool, tennis court, lots of activities, free drinking water, towels, coaches, etc. I started with my program and after one hour I finished and I went to the male changing room.

Once there I thought: " I suppose that this must be like in Spain, you take off your clothes, you get completely naked, then you go to the shower and take a shower" but...

I WAS WRONG. When I came into the showers room all the people who were taking a shower, was also wearing a boxer (a swim suit). All of them looked at me like thinking: "Oh, come on man, hide that thing, why aren't you wearing a boxer?"

A little bit embarrased (but not too much), I took a fast shower and I went home as fast as I could. I thought, British people are too prudish.

The day after, before going to the gym, I bought a swimming suit, a black boxer which fits me like a professional model (yes, I know, the gym is changing my mind) and I went to the gym. After my exercises I was prepared to take a shower, I put on my new boxer and I went to the shower.

Then... I was completely surprised! Because all the people was completely naked and looking at me with a strange expression, like if they were thinking: "Why are you dressed up? Are you gay and you don't feel confortable nude with us?"
I took off my boxer and I took a shower like the others whilst I was looking for the hidden camera.

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