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lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

Last days

I'd like to know how to start... how to explain this two last weeks...

Almost two months ago I arrived to London. The begining was pretty easy, if I remember how difficult I thougth it was going to be. I found a job quickly, my house (yes, it's very small, it's a room, but I use it only to sleep), english school,... all the things you need to live here.

One week ago the strong emotions started.

My parents arrived here after one month and a half without seeing them. The second day they were here I received an e-mail summoning me for a very important interview in Spain. After all that time I was going to see my parents two times in the same week.

They (the company) didn't clarify much, all opposite, the appointment was filled of doubts and nobody answered the telephone. My weekend was filled of nerves, I was waiting an e-mail (that I should have received on Friday) untill monday afternoon. Then, they told me I need to go to this important interview on thursday, at 12:00 a.m.

I was lucky, because at work they didn't put any problems and I had two days off. At 9:30 on wednesday I was flying to Spain in a non very low cost flight. I spent that day with my family and her, whom I was looking forward to see.

Next day I was going to my interview and 30 minutes before the fixed time I received a phone call when I was arriving to the place where I was going to have the interview. They couldn't do it then, so they wanted to change it to the next day or maybe next monday. I was very angry and I said that it wasn't possible, because i had paid my flight, I had to work in London,etc.

To summarize... after 40 minutes of telephone calls, arguments, nerves, etc. they finally agreed to interview me at 1 o'clock. I came back (because I was going to my house) and I did the interview.

How was it? Very good, I empathized with the man and I was very comfortable and confident. It was completely in english during thirty minutes and I left very happy.

Next day, early, I came back to London. Again a long trip to home but I was here. I took a short nap and I went to work, but... when I was about to arrive, at ten to six I phoned to her to tell her about the trip and that I was ok, and she told me that thing...

I didn't know how to react, Ecquatorial Guinea, It meant a lot of things... in any case... I'm happy for you because if your ok, I'm ok.

Stability... who needs it, who wants it...

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